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The Ohio Health Modernization Movement (OHMM) is a coalition of organizations and individuals from around the state working to change HIV criminalization in Ohio by modernizing laws to reflect current science and remove their negative impact on those living with HIV and public health in general. 

COVID interrupted the coalition’s plans, and after months of hiatus, we needed to regroup and develop a communications plan that the steering committee members could implement.




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At the core of successful advocacy lies effective communication. Organizations such as the Ohio Health Modernization Movement (OHMM) work diligently to ensure consistent communication with their constituents while enabling advocate teams to maintain a unified brand presence nationwide. This requires a great deal of focus, attention, and strategizing.

OHMM confronted a primary obstacle: the absence of a robust communications program to bolster their cause. Consequently, their advocacy teams lacked the necessary tools to thrive.

Kim Welter, the facilitator who now leads the OHMM coalition, was committed to overcoming these challenges. Reflecting on the situation, Kim remarks, “Establishing organization and momentum was a struggle. We were in dire need of a comprehensive plan.


Determined to address these challenges, The MCS Agency and the coalition members sought to develop an effective plan. To create a robust communications program, The MCS Agency took the following steps:

  1. Establishing Clear Goals: By identifying specific goals and objectives, the organization could better align its advocacy efforts and communications strategies.

  2. Creating a Unified Brand Message: To maintain a consistent brand presence, The MCS Agency developed a central messaging platform that would resonate with its target audience. This messaging served as the foundation for all communication materials and campaigns.

  3. Empowering Advocate Teams: The MCS Agency provided OHMM advocate teams with comprehensive training and resources, equipping them to effectively communicate the organization’s mission and messaging.

  4. Leveraging Digital Channels: To reach a wider audience, OHMM expanded its digital presence by utilizing social media, email marketing, and a revamped website. This multi-channel approach allowed the organization to engage and inform various stakeholder groups.

  5. Implementing Metrics and Tracking: To measure the success of their communications program, The MCS Agency established key performance indicators (KPIs) and used analytics tools to track progress and optimize strategy.

The MCS Agency implemented a brand revamp for OHMM, which has resulted in a refreshed visual identity that better reflects the company's personality and mission. The new branding materials include a logo, typography, color schemes, and other design elements that work together to create a cohesive and memorable brand image.

The Process

The MCS Agency and OHMM were resolute and fervent in their desire to begin working together. To initiate this exciting collaboration, we designed and launched a user-friendly website, built a strong and engaging social media presence, and developed comprehensive communication materials, including webinar outlines to facilitate effective knowledge sharing.

01. Understanding Internal Stakeholders

Prior to commencing our project, it was crucial for us to comprehend the coalition members and their underlying motivations. Over a period of one month, we conducted in-depth interviews with various members of the coalition to gain a better understanding of their individual roles, aspirations, and expectations for the OHMM initiative. This allowed us to establish a strong foundation for future collaboration and ensure that everyone's perspectives were taken into account as we moved forward.

02. Crafting the Message

With a comprehensive grasp of OHMM's mission and a clear understanding of its stakeholders, our objective was to refine and amplify the message for the wider audience. As legal experts and policy specialists were diligently working on finalizing the legal terminology, we aimed to ensure that the message resonated with the general public and effectively communicated the organization's goals.

03. Choosing Communication Channels

Altering legislation necessitates a collective effort and collaboration with diverse members of society. Our communication platforms were designed with the understanding that inclusive engagement is essential for successful change.

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