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The Ohio Health Modernization Movement (OHMM) is a coalition of organizations and individuals from around the state working to change HIV criminalization in Ohio by modernizing laws to reflect current science and remove their negative impact on those living with HIV and public health in general. 

COVID interrupted the coalition’s plans, and after months of hiatus, we needed to regroup and develop a communications plan that the steering committee members could implement.




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One of the fundamental principles of advocacy is communication. For many organizations like Ohio Health Modernization Movement (OHMM), maintaining communications consistency across constituents and empowering advocate teams to stay on-brand nationally takes significant effort, care, and planning.

In OHMM’s case, they faced a fundamental challenge: a lack of a communications program that could champion their cause. As a result, their advocacy teams were not well-equipped for success.

Kim Welter, OHMM facilitator who now led the coalition, was determined to address these challenges. As she reflects on their issues, Kim says, “It was hard to get organized and keep going. We needed an effective plan”


As the only coalition and organization in Ohio working to decriminalize HIV, OHMM places high importance on its mission. In their pursuit of HIV Laws modernization and to ensure their modernization efforts are successful, the organization has a team dedicated to doing the foot soldier work. 

The MCS Agency proposed a multifaceted communications approach which the steering committee was incredibly excited about as they understood the power of integrating multiple communication channels to reach key constituents. 

The MCS Agency worked collaboratively with the steering committee to deliver a mix of communications channels that included traditional and digital strategies and created many forms of communications for internal and external constituents.

The Process

The MCS Agency and OHMM were determined and passionate about getting to work.  To kick things off, we created a website, established a social media presence and created communication assets and webinar outlines.

01. Understanding Internal Stakeholders

Before we began our work, we needed to understand coalition members and their motivations. Over a month, we held interviews with coalition members to understand their roles and hopes for OHMM.

02. Crafting the Message

With a good understanding of OHMM's mission and its constituents, we set about to enhance the message for the general public as lawyers and policy wonks were completing the legal language.

03. Choosing Communication Channels

Changing laws requires all hands on deck while collaborating with a wide range of society members. Our communication channels reflected this awareness.

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