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The B-Line Website

We answered meetNKY’s Request for Proposal for a redesign of the website for meetNKY’s bourbon experience, The B-Line. Their core objective for this redesign was to retain more website visitors for a longer time on site.


  • Redesign and redirect The B-Line’s website,, retaining the current style elements—logo(s), fonts, brand colors, graphics, etc.


  • Use WordPress for redesign, with a fully responsive template that the Admins  would be able to thoroughly edit in the future


  • Retain all current blog posts, event listings, etc. in redesign


  • Increase loading speed time to two seconds for each page of the site


  • Create a functional RSS feed of events and blogs


  • Correct/maintain full functionality throughout the site (such as: hamburger menu didn’t function correctly on Android


  • Need unique/sharable links for each event listing (to link directly to each event on the Events page—only able to link to general events page)


  • CMS – add ability to enter dates of repeating events


Retaining Current Style Elements

We began by closely examining The B-Line’s existing brand elements, including logos, fonts, colors, and graphics. Our design team created a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistency in the redesigned website, which served as a blueprint throughout the development process.

Responsive WordPress Template

Our development team selected a fully responsive WordPress template that met The B-Line’s requirements. The chosen template was easy for admins to edit, while maintaining a clean and modern look that adapted to various screen sizes and devices.

Retaining Existing Content

To retain all existing blog posts and event listings, our team carefully migrated the content to the new template without losing any valuable information. We ensured that all data remained intact during the migration process, preserving the history and value of The B-Line’s content.

Loading Speed Optimization

We conducted a thorough audit of the website’s current loading speed and identified areas for improvement. By optimizing images, minimizing HTTP requests, and utilizing browser caching, we successfully reduced the loading speed to two seconds per page, providing a smoother experience for users.

RSS Feed Implementation

To create a functional RSS feed for events and blogs, we integrated an RSS plugin compatible with the chosen WordPress template. This enabled users to subscribe to The B-Line’s content updates and ensured the website administrators could easily manage their RSS feed.

Full Functionality Maintenance

Our team conducted extensive testing on various devices and platforms to identify and fix any functionality issues, such as the hamburger menu not working correctly on Android devices. By addressing these problems, we ensured that the website operated seamlessly for all users.

Unique and Sharable Event Links

We developed a feature that allowed each event listing to have a unique and sharable link, making it easy for users to share specific events with others. This improvement encouraged social sharing and increased engagement with The B-Line’s event listings.

CMS for Repeating Events

We implemented a WordPress CMS feature that allowed administrators to easily enter articles for repeating events, streamlining the event management process and reducing the time spent on manual data entry.

The Process

This was project-specific RFP. 

The redesigned website successfully addressed all of the challenges set forth by The B-Line. The website now boasts a modern, responsive design that retains the brand’s signature style elements. Users can enjoy faster loading speeds, seamless functionality, and the ability to share event listings easily. Additionally, the website administrators can manage the site more effectively, thanks to the WordPress template and custom CMS features.

By overcoming these challenges, we delivered a website that not only meets the needs of The B-Line but also enhances the overall user experience, ultimately driving increased engagement and growth for the brand.

01. Brainstorming

We began by examining the challenges laid out in the RFP, and then delved into the desires of both Bourbon aficionados and those eager to explore Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. By studying their personas, we aimed to create a website that would captivate them visually.

02. Wireframe

By wireframing, we established the website's flow and page content while prioritizing the client's desire for a structure that facilitates quick loading times and optimal website performance.

03. Development

After receiving client approval of the wireframes, we proceed to create a mock-up of the website. This involves incorporating additional stylistic and visual elements such as buttons and graphics to showcase a prototype of the final product with an enhanced user experience.

As seen at CVG Airport

The site is looking great! So exciting! Thank you for all of your work on this!


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