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The B-Line Website

We answered meetNKY’s Request for Proposal for a redesign of the website for meetNKY’s bourbon experience, The B-Line. Their core objective for this redesign was to retain more website visitors for a longer time on site.


  • Redesign The B-Line’s website,, retaining the current style elements—logo(s), fonts, brand colors, graphics, etc.
  • Use WordPress for redesign, with a fully responsive template that the Admins  would be able to thoroughly edit in the future
  • Retain all current blog posts, event listings, etc. in redesign
  • Increase loading speed time to two seconds for each page of the site
  • Create a functional RSS feed of events and blogs
  • Correct/maintain full functionality throughout the site (such as: hamburger menu didn’t function correctly on Android
  • Need unique/sharable links for each event listing (to link directly to each event on the Events page—only able to link to general events page)
  • CMS – add ability to enter dates of repeating events


  • Redesigned The B-Line’s website using the existing style guide to ensure brand continuity and maintain look and feel as had been requested
  • Delivered as requested, a WordPress site that admins have been able to edit and maintain. We chose a template that needed no coding skills.
  • MCS rebuilt the information architecture to retain blog posts, event listings and Bourbon Trail directory.

    The Process

    This was project-specific RFP.  The end result was an enhanced user experience with updated content, ADI compliant and improved site navigation, with a more visually appealing design. 

    01. Brainstorming

    Starting with the problems outlined in the RFP, we sought to understand what appealed to Bourbon enthusiasts and those seeking to experience Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. Their persona's would determine the visual appeal of the website.

    02. Wireframe

    Through wireframing, we determined the flow of the website and the content of the pages, taking into considering client's need for a structure that allowed fast load times and optimal functioning of the website.

    03. Development

    Once client approved the wireframes, we set out to develop a mock-up of the website - adding more stylistic and visual user experience elements like buttons and graphics to present a prototype of the final Website.

    As seen at CVG Airport

    The site is looking great! So exciting! Thank you for all of your work on this!


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